xDNA is the Enterprise Framework to develop multi-apps project

Free, Opensource, Scalable
Download xDNA 3.0
We suggest you install xDNA via composer
Install via Composer
Robust Infrastructure

XDNA is designed to withstand in enterprise environments

Well Documented

All classes are well documented in the Documentation section

Easy To Use

XDNA is a framework built on the "Configuration Over Convention" pattern

Lightning Fast

The xDNA engine has been optimized for fast loading classes only where they are needed

It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

Setup via composer

To create an xDNA project, just type in the terminal: composer create-project xdna/xdna target_folder and start creating

Create your first app

In the /apps/home/ folder, you find the default application, you can customize it and start

Run your server

In local environement, you can test xDNA typing on the terminal php ./bin/xdna.php server and go to localhost:8000

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